Who are we?

Inovalys Laboratory

Since 1st April 2014, the departmental laboratories of Maine & Loire (Anjou Laboratory), Loire Atlantique (Analysis and Consulting Institute) and Sarthe (Departmental laboratory of Sarthe) have merged to bring skills together and the use of their respective analysis laboratories and thus be able to train Inovalys. In 2020, the Department of Indre & Loire will complete this grouping after a 3-year partnership in order to strengthen its analyses  and pool resources to develop and widen the spectrum of action in advanced techniques.

Their mission is exercised in several areas:

  • quality and safety of food and water
  • animal health
  • agriculture, oenology and agro-food
  • environment

By regrouping, the four laboratories pool their areas of intervention, scientific know-how and skills attested by numerous COFRAC accreditations and ministerial approvals.

This regrouping takes the form of a Public Interest Grouping.

Such an initiative places Inovalys as one of the largest public laboratories in France.

Inovalys is:

  • 430 employees
  • Over 17,000 customers
  • More than 4.8 million analyses per year
  • 4 geographic sites

To consult:

Scientific and technical skills

novalys provides services for public and private participants, making available its recognized scientific and technical skills in the fields of agri-food, the environment and animal health.

Establishment on four production sites:

Local service and quality contacts are offered by Inovalys to local participants. Its establishment on three sites offers to provide, in a reactive manner, the collection, sampling, field measurements, training and expertise services as close as possible to the needs of the customers.


Inovalys-Angers comes from Anjou Laboratory, which brings together two structures sharing the same premises, on the Angers technopole site (boulevard Lavoisier): the veterinary laboratory, created in 1946, and the hydrology and hygiene laboratory, opened in 1962.

The premises and equipment include more than 3,000 m2 of laboratories.


Inovalys-Nantes comes from the Institute for Analysis and Consulting (IDAC), created in 1852 ... to monitor fertilizer fraud. Since then, it has adapted to the economic and demographic growth of the Loire-Atlantique region, in the fields of animal husbandry, the food industry and tourism. Located on the Chantrerie site, on the outskirts of Nantes, the laboratory covers an area of 7,600 m2.

Inovalys-Le Mans


Inovalys-Le Mans has taken over from the Sarthe Departmental Laboratory, created in 1952 to meet needs expressed in the field of animal health.

Today it is organized around three areas of intervention: diagnosis of animal diseases; bacteriological quality of food and water,  and monitoring of organic residues in food and the environment.

First installed in the attic of the Palais de Justice (Courthouse) in 1955 the laboratory moved into the premises common to the veterinary services, rue de Bellevue in Le Mans. Then in 1996, it invested 2,440 m2 of premises located in the area of the university technopole, rue de Beaugé in Le Mans.




Inovalys Tours stems from the Touraine Laboratory which joined the GIP on 1st January 2020. The Touraine laboratory is the fruit of the joining of 2 departmental laboratories: the Departmental Laboratory of Analyses and Research (LDAR) whose creation dates from 1885 and the veterinary services laboratory created in 1937.


After 3 years of partnership between the Laboratory of Touraine and GIP Inovalys, the legal entity "Laboratoire de Touraine" therefore disappeared on 1st January 2020 to become Inovalys (Site of Tours).


A national scale

Given the variety of its analytical skills, Inovalys' influence is national, even international for certain services such as, for example, the titration of vaccine antibodies against rabies, which allows expatriates to return to Europe accompanied by their animal.

The mission of Inovalys

430 scientists perform more than 4.8 million analyses each year for 17,000 customers in one of the largest public laboratories in France.

Inovalys works for public service providers and private sector clients.

The laboratory has scientific and technical skills to carry out any control on the sanitary quality of water and food. Environmental monitoring, diagnosis or prevention of animal diseases are also part of its activities.

Particularly requested during health crises ("mad cow", avian influenza alerts, melamine intoxication, horse meat fraud, food contamination (listeria, salmonella, Ecoli O157H7 ...) or environmental (pollution linked to the sinking of the Erika , Prestige…), Inovalys has every time demonstrated a real capacity for anticipation and recognized responsiveness.

Its primary mission is to guarantee its customers an efficient and competitive, impartial and independent service in the field of water and food safety, the environment and veterinary public health.

The laboratory has the capacity:

  • to meet the expectations of private and public customers and satisfy all requests for analysis, sampling, inspection, expertise and training in their areas of expertise.
  • to react effectively in a health and / or environmental crisis.
  • to support the economic development of the territories and support certain sectors of local interest.